Why should only skilled personnel do CONCRETE CUTTING with the right tools?


When it comes to concrete cutting, it is a job of precision and can be done only by skilled workers with the right tools. It employs a control over the usage of the heavy equipment that will saw, cut and drill through. It requires powerful handling. Hence, experts use only special saw equipment when they have to break asphalt or concrete. A concrete cutter can do the work with the least errors. The equipment has changed and came a long way from the time jackhammers were used to cut the concrete. That method was also not very neat. It left a lot of dust and mess. Today’s cutters have changed the way the work is done. Melbourne has some fine men in this business.

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Specifications of the blade when it comes to cutting

Every material comes with a specific strength. Hence, when concrete cuttersare used, they need to have the right blade to drill into the surface. It could be a tennis court today or a swimming pool tomorrow for the job. The blade specs matter a lot. The diamond shaped ones are the best in business. In Melbourne, most reputed companies have it for big jobs. The latest equipment also comes with a vacuum system to ensure that the dust does not get into the environment and create pollution. The city has a few good concrete cutting companies that use the latest equipment. Also, the job of aconcrete cutter is to make sure that the techniques being used are accurate. It is a part of the services such companies offer all over the city. As for the equipment that the experts use, the least amount of water required for it to saw, cut and drill is ideal. A company should be able to offer high quality services with various methods to cut the concrete.

Normal cutting methods

In Melbourne concrete cutters have some common cutting processes, but there are a few that need to be mentioned for any potential client to check if a company can provide any of these services.  Choice of diamond sawing is the best at the moment in the city. It offers a faster way of cutting into the material. There is precision and it also manages to negotiate the metal in the concrete. This is an advantage for any concrete cutter. The rebar can be cut and there is less noise in the work. It does not even vibrate as much as the other saws. The equipment can be handled with a steady hand. Concrete wall sawing is also a common process and this requires circular blades to be used. The tool is mounted on a track machine and such an advanced system is used only by contractors. Even walls, which are more than 16 inches to 36 inches thick, can be easily cut. Then there is flat sawing, wire sawing and core drilling, which is also a part of the equipment that a large service provider has. Thus, it enjoys a staff that knows how the job has to be done.

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