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Speed, positive discharge, quality, durability. When you think of pumps think Truflo. We at Truflo are manufacturers of positive displacement pumps and are continuously endeavouring  to diversify our product basket of pumps. Positive displacements pumps work on the principle of expanding the suction side cavity and reducing the discharge side cavity. In this way positive displacement pumps act like constant flow machines.

positive displacement pumps

As manufacturers of positive displacement pumps we are continuously trying to develop better and more refined technology to suit the needs of industrial as well as domestic applications. Helical rotor pumps are one such variety in our product base. Our helical rotor pumps have extremely smooth internal surfaces minimising the risk of any bacteria adhering. They are designed in such a way as to be non shearing for the material being transported and hence are ideal for use in the food industry.

On the other end of our product basket we also design sturdy pumps for industrial applications. These are based on the positive displacement model wherein the suction cavity and discharge cavity are regulated. Through this method the liquid flow inside the pump is maintained at a constant equilibrium level. Sometimes positive displacement pumps also help in increasing the speed of the pump. Buy diesel pumps from Truflo and see the difference for yourselves. When you want speed in the flow, Truflo diesel pump is the best bet in the market.  We at Truflo Pumping Systems are committed to meet the individual requirements of our customers and consistently endeavour to better ourselves.

We made a humble beginning in the year 1992 in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. The decade proved propitious as throughout the 90s several new mines were operationalised in the central western area of NSW. This propelled our start up company which had until now catered to local agriculture and irrigation needs into the specific task of mine dewatering. Gradually, following several such assignments mine dewatering became our specialty and our core strength. From then there was no looking back as we gradually diversified our product range. Leveraging the experience gained while manufacturing mine dewatering pumps, we built more sophisticated pumps for different kinds of tasks.

Before you invest your hard earned money into a decent pump, make sure you are making the right choice. For it is always advisable to make the right choice in the first attempt itself. With Truflo you need not worry any more as you would be making the best choice in terms of performance, durability and quality. Our positive displacement pumps help speed up the pumping process which means you burn less energy. Not only is it fuel efficient, more speed is translated into less functioning time for the pump.This in turn implies that the pump will suffer minimal wear and tear and have a long functional life. Less wear and tear of the body also means minimum maintainance cost. High end technology like automatic priming and mechanical driving in our positive displacement pumps mean that the pump displayed faster reaction and requires minimum attention and intervention from your end.

So what’s holding you back? Get this valuable asset installed in your life now. Invest once but invest right. Visit

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