Luxurious Family Accommodation at Burleigh Beach, Australia


As you may be aware, Burleigh beach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a popular tourist spot and is also famous for various water sports. Surfing is one of the important sports played on this coast. This is why the Gold Coast is popularly known as a ‘Surfers’ paradise’. The beach is surrounded by excellent natural beauty. Spending your holiday with family on the wonderful beaches of the Gold Coast can indeed be a golden moment of your holiday tour. For the benefit of tourists, Burleigh, which is a suburb of Gold Coast, offers excellent accommodation. You find several holiday rentals Burleigh wide that provide accommodation not only for individuals, but also for the families.

holiday rentals Burleigh

Self contained apartments:

In fact, these holiday rentals are family apartments and consist of single bedroom  and two bedroom accommodation. As many tourists point out, these are self contained apartment units, and they provide the most comfortable accommodation to the tourists. The Burleigh beach accommodation is known for its pleasant environment, luxury and convenient location.

The salient features of the holiday rentals Burleigh market has today are briefly explained here.

·        The family apartments Burleigh wide are located at a convenient distance from the beach. If you are planning for a peaceful and relaxing stay with your family, perhaps these apartments should be your first choice. The apartments offer complete privacy so that you can enjoy your holiday with your family in the midst of wonderful natural beauty of Burleigh.

·        The accommodation generally consists of a lounge, living room, dining room, spacious bedrooms en-suite and furnished spacious balcony. Some of the apartments also have furnished kitchen where you can cook your favorite holiday recipe. The apartment provides you spacious accommodation with comfortable furniture, bed and so on. It has every utility in place, like, for example, television, telephone, music system, WiFi, the Internet, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and many other utilities. The apartments are strategically located that you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the vast beach from almost every corner of the accommodation. In fact, some of the tourists watch the wonderful acrobats of surfers from the balcony of the apartment.

·        In addition to these, the holiday rentals Burleigh wide provide other utilities such as the secured parking, swimming pool, tennis court, restaurant, closed circuit camera, appropriately furnished garden and such other facilities.

·        The accommodations are centrally located and every other utility like the post office, casinos, banks, restaurants, market and such other facilities are available at a walking distance.

·        Many of the Burleigh beach hotels and apartments are located very close to places of tourists’ interests. In fact, some of the apartments are located at a walking distance from significant landmarks. That would save you a considerable amount of money and time.

Maximum comfort at a low rental:

Many tourists are of the opinion that it is a pleasure to stay in the holiday rentals in Burleigh. They say, these accommodations give you more comfort than what would have expected. Interestingly, the rentals of these accommodations are affordable. You may browse to know more about the types of accommodation available, rentals and other terms and conditions.

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